When you decide it’s time to redo the flooring in your living room with beautiful new hardwood, there are quite a few things to consider. One very important element that’s often overlooked is ensuring your installers can match wood bannisters in your living room to the floors. If you have your heart set on a different finish or style of hardwood than what’s currently installed in your home, it could be time to redo your bannisters as well. Our team at Floor Coverings International Mooresville, North Charlotte, & Lake Norman has experience with this work, and is here to offer a few reasons why you should opt for this additional project when redoing your floors.

Design Continuity

Large spaces like living rooms with big, sweeping staircases present a number of design challenges. One of the biggest is how to make the upstairs and downstairs spaces feel like they are connected. You can continue your flooring from the living room, up the stairs, and onto the landing, but often people want the option of choosing different materials for their living room, stairs and upstairs hallways. That’s where your bannister comes in. If you extend the hardwood that is on the floors in your living room up to the upper landing, it brings the space together in a subtle and elegant way. You can see this in action in the below photo from a recent project in the North Charlotte and Lake Norman area:


Matching it Later Could be a Challenge

Especially if you choose a unique hardwood material or a specific stain for your floor, recreating that look years or decades down the road could be quite a task. Even if you can find the exact materials, the colors of hardwood floors change slowly over time as they age, so it’s likely the match wouldn’t be exact.

It’s an Extra Perk for Buyers

If you every plan on selling your home, then this project is especially worthwhile. Hardwood floors are an excellent selling point, and when you add a standout element like matching bannisters, you create a space that’s hard to pass up.

Find the Right Installers

The key to success in this case is to find a team of installers who can work on both your bannister and your flooring at once. If you have to coordinate with two separate teams and companies, it could be quite a headache. Luckily there are teams like ours at Floor Coverings International Mooresville, North Charlotte, & Lake Norman who love to take on these types of more complex projects.

If you need new floors or bannisters in your home, give us a call, or book your free in-home consultation right from our homepage!